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Help children hospitalized in Laplje Selo – Gračanica

Location: Laplje Selo – Gračanica
Project Cost: US$14,96068

In early 2018 SAMA got in touch with Dr Jelena Krdžić, a pediatrist at the Children’s Hospital in Laplje Selo, Gračanica.  This Health Center is facing numerous problems, operating out of inadequate facilities (old KFOR military barracks), chronic lack of medicines, and lack of very basic medical instruments and equipment. At the same time, there was increased demand for Health Center services, not only among Serbian but also among local Albanian population.

SAMA collected donations to help this Health Center during our annual walk event in Washington DC  in May 2018. Subsequently we delivered number of new instruments to the Health Center:

  • Patient Monitor Bionet BM5
  • Nihon Kohden 5621K defibrillator with adapter for pediatric use
  • Pulse Oxymeter Palm Care Plus with the SpO2 children’s sensor
  • Riester RI 1362RB blood pressure monitor with adapters for children

Total value of the equipment donated by SAMA is approx. $8,800.

Subsequently we decided to donate 20 new mattresses

Total value of SAMA donation to the HC in Gračanica was approximately $15,000.

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