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EKG and Fetal Monitor to the Medical Center in Batočina

Location: Batočina

SAMA was contacted in late September by Dr. Ana Aničić, director of the Medical Center in Batočina, in regard to possible donations. The Medical Center in Batočina serves a population of about 13,000 people, including Batočina and 10 surrounding villages. Additionally, the Center is located on the E-75 highway (Belgrade-Niš highway) and often helps with traffic accident victims.

Among other things, the Medical Center performs preventive and diagnostic health service for about 4,000 women, 120 of them being pregnant. Dr Aničić asked SAMA to donate a Fetal Monitor (Cardiokotograf). SAMA donated a similar Fetal Monitor to the Health Center in Mali Idjoš in early 2015, and we contacted Medipro MPM, importer of the Bistos BT-350 LCD Fetal Monitor. The Fetal Monitor was delivered to the Medical Center in Batočina on February 17th, 2016.

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