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Health Center Mali Idjos

Location: Idjos
Project Cost: $7,800

Cervical Cancer Screening & Fetal Monitoring for OB/GYN ward in Mali Idjos, Serbia.

After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the second most common female malignancy in Serbia.  With an incidence of about 1,500 cases yearly, it is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the country. Compared with other European countries, the incidence of cervical cancer in Serbia is the highest.

While a simple screening test for cervical cancer (PAP smear) has been associated with a sustained reduction in cervical cancer incidence and mortality, this method of cancer prevention in Serbia has relied on opportunistic screening that is characterized by an extremely low coverage in rural areas.

In the villages of Mali Iđoš, located between Lovćenac and Feketić, Health Center “Marton Šandor” serves the medical needs of a population of 13,000.  We were hosted by Dr. Tibor Deak, the institution director and Dr. Olga Perović, a wonderful and dedicated young gynecologist who is also certified in cytology.   Every year, Dr. Perović single handedly performs screening for cervical and breast cancer on more than 4000 women.  Since the center did not have a microscope, Dr. Perović has been unable to perform “PAP smears”, the most important of all tests for screening cervical cancer.  Considering that the incidence of cervical cancer in Serbia is high (40 per 100,000 women versus 12 per 100,000), this is a significant health problem for women in that region.

In addition to many other medical services, Dr. Perović also monitors the pregnancy of about 150 mothers each year.  She did not have the ability to do fetal monitoring and potentially help prevent stillbirths.  In a country where the population growth rate is – 4.9 per 1,000, improving the natality rate and decreasing the infant mortality is of national importance.

With your help, SAMA purchased and donated a high resolution microscope with multiple lenses and other accessories to be used for cervical cancer screening worth $4,000, as well as an electronic fetal monitor worth $3,800.


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