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Donation worth US$36,000 to help care for children with cancer in Kragujevac

Location: Kragujevac
Project Cost: US$36,000

Nurdor, another non profit organization, articulated the need for reconstructing the hematology/oncology ward at the Pediatric Hospital in Kragujevac, which was until then, operating under very inadequate conditions. They engaged with a national humanitarian project and the TV series “With Tamara in Action”, which typically helps restore and refurbish family homes in Serbia, to help with the renovation of this ward. The renovation was finished in May 2018.   At that point, the ward was still not operational because it lacked medical equipment.   SAMA stepped in to assist by providing a laminar hood, platelet agitator, eight infusion pumps and syringe pump, two pulse oximeters, vital sign monitors, blood pressure monitor and wheelchair

The exact value of SAMA’s donation was $32,776.39, and a big part of this was procured without paying PDV (saving us 20%). The majority of funds were collected from our event in Chicago, in early June.   The event was sponsored by Mr. Antonije Keljević who is from Kragujevac area, and has been engaged in numerous humanitarian projects. SAMA collected over $36,000 from this event, which was even more than enough to fund the complete project in Kragujevac. Subsequently, SAMA engaged with multiple vendors to provide all the required equipment. We visited the hospital in June, and again in October with Mr. Keljević to celebrate the success of the complete project and opening of the ward.

On October 2nd, Dr. Ivan Aksentijevich and Zoran Mladenović visited the hematology/oncology ward together with Mr. Antonije Keljević who sponsored fundraising event for collecting the funds, and representatives from Nurdor Jolanda Korora, President, and Branislava Penov.

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